Garad Silk Saree

Garad Silk Saree

In the entire nation, Bengal is well known for its rich culture. Ranging from simple cotton Tant sarees to detailed Jamdani sarees, a wide collection of sarees from Bengal will certainly appeal you with their beauty. You can also find sarees that depicts the mythological sceneson its pallu, and need less to mention, the sensual and beautiful Garad sarees for special events.

Garad silk, more often than not, is also termed as Garad silk. It is among one of the most famous sarees, which is mainly produced in the West Bengal. The term Garad implies, “White”. The border of red color and small paisley motifs on Garad silk saree makes it distinguishable. Be that as it may, at present, you can locate Garad sarees with borders of varied colors. A large portion of women of Bengal prefers to wear such sarees in certain special events, occasions, festivals, pujas, or during any other religiousceremoniesand so on.

The fabrics used in the production of Garad sarees are not being colored that maintains the purity factor in it.The women of Bengal have a great inclination towards Garad silk sarees. The weaver from Murshidabad district have expertise in weaving, crafting and producing stunning Garad silk sarees.The women of Bengal incline toward not to join a fall in these sarees to safeguard its sacrosanct quality and wear it in its most flawless structure.

Weavers India brings you a collection of high quality sarees exclusively. In the event that you are a fan of silk sarees, Garad silk saree is absolutely for you.At Weavers India, you can choose from a wide set of Garad Silk sarees at an affordable cost, and add elegance to your look. It is such a saree that every women must have in their wardrobe. Garad silk sarees can also be a great product to gift someone you love. So, order your Garad silk saree now and get it delivered at your doorstep within a couple of days. For more information on exchange and returns, please refer to our terms and condition page.

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