Khadi Cotton Saree

Khadi Cotton Saree

Saree is among one of those outfits that a considerable number of women, both married and single, loves to wear at varieties of occasions. Saree is a traditional Indian outfit that adds more glory to a women’s beauty. Be it a festival, any pujas, marriage ceremonies, casual parties or any other events, a saree fits well with all.

The father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, once said that Khadi is a symbol of purity, and clothes made out of Khadi are sacred. Khadi cotton are manually spun and hand-woven from cotton with the help of Chakra. The Khadi cotton came into limelight at the time when India was struggling for its freedom. At that time, Khadi was considered as the symbol of freedom movements. The specialty of Khadi is such that it can keep you warmer during winter and cool during summer season. The look, quality and feel of a Khadi cloth enhances as you wash them over time. Khadi is just not about cloths, it is a lifestyle.

At present, Khadi is no longer referred to as pledge of the poor. Khadi has become a lifestyle of a large portion of the population in India. Several fashion designers, with their creative design sense, have transformed Khadi in to a fashionable statement. At present, along with cotton, Khadi is also being produced using various other raw materials, such as Silk Khadi, Tussar Silk, Matka Khadi, and Poly Khadi and that’s just the beginning.

There are more than 50 lakhs of weaver families engaged in the production of Khadi, and a large portion of them are struggling with poverty and plan to resort to several unqualified sectors. Thus, with the end goal to offer help to our talented weavers, prefer hand-woven Khadi cotton sarees.

We, at Weavers India, have organized a wide collection Khadi cotton sarees in varied colors, and it is become a center of attention for several women out there. Along with quality, the design of these hand-woven Khadi sarees at our online store is modern. Khadi cotton sarees available at Weavers India are pulpy and effortless to wear that will add magnificent beauty to your appearance.

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