Bishnupuri Silk

Bishnupuri Silk

Bishnupur, also known as Vishnupur, is town in the Bankura district of West Bengal. The name of this town has been named after Lord Vishnu, who was being worshiped in the 17th and 18th century by the kings of Malla kingdom. The town, Bishnupur, is widely acclaimed for the production of silk sarees, to be more specific, splendorous Bishnupuri silk sarees. Apart from this, in Bishnupur, thin, flimsy silk sarees are also being produced that have a pulpy, creamy texture and beautiful drape.

People of Bishnupur has been engaged in weaving silk since a considerable amount of time. Bishnupur was considered to be one of the richest town in the staring of 18th and 19th century, when East India Company started trading scarves and floral fabrics fordresses made out of pure Bishnupuri silk.

In the meantime, around 200 kms far from Bishnupur, i.e. in Murshidabad, the production of Baluchari silk saree brought storm in the market under the kingdom ship of the Nawabs of Bengal. Unfortunately, a flood made the baluchari weavers eradicate and settle in Bishnupur, who were settled down on the bank of Bhagirathi River earlier. Later, the British Empire started witnessing downfall in the tradeand the import of low-cost handmade fabrics from England, along with economic sanctions, finally brought the Baloch weavers out of their business.

The industry of silk in Bishnupur is still among one of the most important industries. A large portion of the population of Bishnupur are engaged in weaving silk at present. However, the area of Bishnupur is not satisfactory when it comes to the cultivation of silkworm and mulberry. Hence, a large portion of the raw silk are being imported from other areas, such as Murshidabad and Malda.

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